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Haifa Tourism and Attractions, all you can do and where to stay

The northern city of Haifa, known for its amazing attractions and mixed population, is one of Israel's preferred touristic destinations. At Sinai boutique apartments we care for our guests and have put together a guide with the "must-see" Haifa highlights. Enjoy!

German Colony Haifa

The German Colony of Haifa is a small area located at the foot of the Baha'i Gardens. It was founded in the late 1860s by German Templars and bears that name because in was inhabited on-and-off by the German Protestants who built the area. Its main road, Ben Gurion Avenue, is lined with distinct red-roofed cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Tourists flock to the German Colony for relaxation, culinary experiences and the nightlife.

Bahai Temple Haifa

Next to the German Colony lies the magnificent Haifa Baha'i Temple and its Gardens. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is one of the main Haifa touristic attractions sites. Members of the Bahai faith established here their shrine and world center in 1953, with its golden dome, 40-meter high and covered with 14,000 gold-coated bricks, its Italian marble walls and its granite pillars. The impressive gardens surrounding the shrine were designed following the doctrines of the Baha'i faith, and they blend with the surrounding slopes of Mount Carmel. The gardens extend over 19 terraces and stone steps lead down the slope to the amazing Hanging Gardens below. Entrance from Shderot HaTzionut, Yafe Nof and Shderot Ben Gurion Telephone: +(972)-4-831-3131

The sculpture garden

The Sculpture Garden, also known as Mitzpor HaShalom (Vista of Peace) displays Ursula Malbin's sculptures. The Garden has a stunning view of the Haifa bay. Addres: 112 Zionism Avenue. It is open during the daylight hours and there is no entrance fee.

The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is dedicated to teaching the history of seafaring, documenting the connection between humans and the sea. Address: 198, Allenby Boulevard, Haifa Telephone: 04-8536622

Cave of Elijah

Elijah's Cave is nestled at the base of Cape Carmel, below the lighthouse and Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery. The Cave of Elijah is an important shrine to many religions, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze, therefore a main Haifa tourism and attractions spot. The chapel includes the very cave in which the Hebrew prophet Elijah is believed to have lived and taught Address: From the stairs at Allenby Road (number 230)

Haifa Beach

Dodo Zamir Beach, a central Haifa beach, boasts pretty gardens along its long boardwalk promenade, beachside restaurants, pubs and coffee shops, as well as free parking, benches and sitting areas. A wonderful Haifa attraction. For the disabled, there is a reserved parking, adapted showers and bathrooms, and ramps for easy access to and from the beach. Information: 1-800-305-090; 04-853-5606/5

Stella Maris Haifa

The Stella Maris Haifa is a Carmelite Monastery built in the 19th-century on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The site can be reached by cable car or by foot. During the erection of the church, monks were assaulted by their neighbors, as a result, the monastery's ground floor is built out of thick walls with few and small openings covered by bars. Stella Maris main church resembles the shape of a cross. Its dome is decorated by colorful paintings based on both the Old and New Testament, and on the western wall of the church is a large organ that is played during religious ceremonies and at special church music concerts. Hours: 08:30-12:00, 15:00-18:00. No entrance fee Address: Stella Maris road. Telephone: 04-8337758

Haifa Film Festival

Each year the city holds the Haifa International Film Festival, this year it will be in October 15th-24th. Its uniqueness lies in the quantity of screenings, guest lectures and messages of co--existence, pluralism and peace. Mount Carmel - 142 Hanassi Avenue, Haifa
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